A Guided Experience into the Heart with Cacao


Do you LOVE chocolate? Have you heard of Cacao?

It's not your ordinary chocolate.

Have you had an experience called a "Cacao Ceremony" or a "Cacao Ritual?"

I have. Several.

Maybe your experience was just OK. You drank some bitter chocolate and wrote down some intentions; but, it didn't leave you inspired!

How would you like inspiring, memorable, amazing, incredible, life-changing to describe your next Cacao Ritual experience.

That is what you are being offered today!

Sarah Balmer, aka Sarah Belle, is an ambassador of Divine lovelight on our planet. As an ascension mentor, crystal energy healer, creative and spiritual entrepreneur, Sarah helps women reclaim their inner light and return to wholeness

Join us for a virtual Cacao Ritual led by Sarah. Through this guided experience, you'll discover the beauty of working with cacao to open and explore the depths of your heart for healing and remembering the truth of who you are. We'll also invite in crystal companions to energetically assist us in balancing the heart center and opening us to greater levels of wholeness and restoration.

Click on the link to learn more and register for this amazing event!

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