Do you trust yourself? Do you know what trust feels like? Join me for a step by step process to never doubt yourself again.

Hi! My name is Lisa.

You're in the right place if you see patterns in your life that keep you stuck AND you are ready to let them go. Do you want to take purposeful actions steps that truly lead you to achieve the results you want to create in your life?

You're in a safe place with me. Clients trust my ability to help them find underlying causes to troubles and emotions that "bubble up to the surface" in their lives. Would you like to figure out how we can release what's keeping you stuck? 

Let's connect!

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Living with Wholeness Spring Class, 2022

Do you experience body pain? Is it overwhelming, at times, to manage it?

Have you been given a lot of different information about your body's condition that's causing the pain, so much information that it adds to the overwhelm?

Have you asked yourself these questions: What do I do? What does my body need the most? What's the most effective form of treatment to help me manage the pain? What do I trust?

Join Lisa Bailey and her panel of practitioners of Energy Healing to learn more about how their modalities can support you in possibly reducing the physical pain in your body, managing the pain and trusting your path of healing.

Living With Wholeness 3-day Live Event

What knowledge and tools have you used in your life that have allowed you to heal physically and emotionally in a significant way?

Interested in adding to your toolbox?

Energy Healing provides a plethora of modalities that can support you, wherever you are, on your own healing journey. 

Join Lisa Bailey and her panel of experts to learn more about Generational Healing, BioFeedback, Intuitive Tarot Coaching and Healing with Crystals.

Muscle Testing: Talking to Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Muscle testing is a powerful tool that you can use every day to help you make purposeful decisions regarding your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. The first module teaches the basics of muscle testing. Module 2 digs deeper so that you can ask questions that access your subconscious mind. Module 3 teaches how to use muscle testing to make purposeful decisions regarding your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Finally, module 4 takes you through a transformational process where you can learn to set a very purposeful intention; then, muscle test through books to receive personal inspiration regarding the intention you set! What a beautiful way to receive answers!

Tune into Your Magnificent Inner Healer

Join me for this amazing free class. This experience will introduce you to your Inner Healer!

July 12, 2022

7:00 pm MST

Connect with us through zoom!

A Guided Experience into the Heart with Cacao

Does your heart need healing? Would you like a gentle experience to open the depths of your heart?

Discover the beauty of working with Cacao to open your heart for healing and remembering the truth of who you are.

Sarah Balmer will lead us through a virtual Cacao Ritual. Bring a journal, pen and an open mind ready to connect, share and receive the magic of your own heart that cacao will so graciously show you.

Tickets are limited. Purchase by August 9th so that you will receive your event package on time.

August 18, 2022

5:30-7:30 pm MST

Second Annual Living with Wholeness Online Event 2022

Do you ever wonder about things and say them out loud? Do you ever ask yourself questions?

Questions like:

I wonder why certain things trigger me so much? Is it something in my DNA

Why am I 'wired' this way? 

What is my own 'Book of Life' and how can that support me right now?

YOU are in the right place:

*to have these questions answered;

*to find a greater sense of support in a community setting; and,

*connect with women all over the country that have a desire, like you, to heal from the past and move forward with greater confidence in Being You!

Lisa Bailey, Kris Prochaska and Martha Picinich are excited to share this time with you!

Click on the link to register!

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